Established in 1899 Gayen & Berns · Homann has been serving its clients as a privately owned insurance brokerage firm for over 100 years.

Keeping our independence has been and is an important part of our corporate philosophy – independence is strength. This strength steered us through the ups and downs of the economy over the last century. In difficult times, it enhanced the will to survive. With entrepreneurial freedom, we can best realize the interests of our clients.

Independence is not only strength it is also flexibility. Our clients can choose from our unlimited range of national and international insurance products, associates in other countries and external consultants of all kinds. We can follow our own style of business with short decision-making processes.
The managing partners: Malte Mengers, Gunter Mengers, Michael Börger, Claas Mengers, Andreas Tiefenbacher

With now more than 220 employees at 13 locations , our nationwide network guarantees service "on the spot" to our clients.

A strong relationship with our clients is our focus and the backbone of our corporate philosophy. We are a strong, independent and privately owned company - this won't change in the future.