Bringing together what belong together:
GBH HotelPlus Policy

In the beginning risks “typical for the sector” were collected :


One hot summer day, a hotel’s freezer stopped working. Strawberry, chocolate chip, yoghurt – ice cream melted by the litre and ended up in the bin instead of bellies. The receptionist of another hotel was suddenly staring down the barrel of a gun. „This is a hold-up”, shouted the robber. No one was injured, but the masked criminal made off with valuables from the safe. One of the country’s leading hotels would have given the bathrobes an ageing rock band took with them as a present, if they’d behaved better. But the guys had relived their long-past teenage years and had destroyed the TV and furniture...


In the end, you come to the conclusion that there’s no such thing as “typical for the sector”. In the hotel trade anything can happen.

StadtwerkePlus Zitat

What conclusions can we draw from such varied risks that apply to hotels?
The only sensible ones - we have developed an overall concept.

Malte Mengers
Managing Partner

Instead of conventional, roughly cobbled together solutions, rely on the   GBH-HotelPlus Policy – our individual concept tailored to your hotel! We can recommend the GBH-HotelPlus Policy as a simple, comprehensive and reasonably priced complete solution.


Your benefits

• Just one insurance policy, one contact, one set of conditions and one bill

• Taking hotel-specific characteristics into account

• Guaranteed underinsurance waiver  

• Avoiding gaps in cover  

• Simple annual reporting  

• Low administrative effort


We will be pleased to present the further benefits to you in a personal meeting.






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