• THENOne-man insurance company

    Did Max Gayen ever dare to dream of this success story? In 1899, the son of a distinguished shipping dynasty made what we now know was a far-sighted decision. Instead of taking the easy path and following in his father’s footsteps, he dared to do something new: he launched an insurance company under his own name. In doing so, he laid the foundations for our corporate group.
  • NOWOn the path to becoming the best medium-sized broker in Germany

    A lot has happened since then. While Max Gayen only insured ships that set out into the world across the Elbe, we now support medium-sized and large companies from a wide range of (industrial) sectors as well as private individuals. In summer 2023, we merged with the industrial insurance brokers Burmester, Duncker & Joly (BDJ) and Gossler Gobert & Wolters (GGW) under the umbrella of the GGW Group, and are set to turn the four companies into an even more powerful unit. Founded at the beginning of 2020, the GGW Group consists of over 40 partner companies and employs more than 1,600 people. Overall, the Group based in Hamburg manages around 1.3 billion euros of insurance premiums.

Both then and now: independent and familial

Benefits of the merger for our customers: We can now combine the advantages of a medium-sized broker with the impact of a major player. This means that we have hugely strengthened our basis for negotiations with insurers and can make use of the entire Group’s resources – without, however, needing to give up our much-vaunted independence and our familial approach.

Strong partner in international business

As we were once purely a cargo insurance broker, international business is nothing new to us. We have been working with insurance companies and institutions around the world for decades and have been cooperating with foreign brokers, who are among the leaders in their respective countries, for just as long. We have specific knowledge of the (insurance) markets around the world, which enables us to support our customers worldwide. Your advantage both nationally and internationally: our independence gives us the freedom to make our own decisions when choosing our local co-brokers. At the same time, we are able to benefit from flexibility and we have the necessary scope to exploit opportunities and connections for the benefit of our customers.

Our success – and thus the satisfaction of customers and partners – is based on a whole array of positive characteristics. Our strengths are both a promise and a requirement. Get to know the ten most important ones now!

Welcome to the GBH service oasis

In the future, we will be characterised by innovative and individual insurance solutions – developed by experts and specialised departments for a wide range of sectors. As an insurance broker with a holistic mindset, we are not only committed to arranging market-leading cover. We also manage the entire risk matrix, from the initial risk assessment to personal support in the event of a claim.

Risk assessment
Continuous contract optimisation
Personal support (in an emergency day and night)
Fast processing