Own risk management

Companies face a variety of risks every day, including business uncertainties, natural disasters, IT problems, strategic management errors, accidents and unexpected market changes. Effective risk management is essential in order to secure financial stability and business success. But not all companies are able to operate their own risk management – whether it be due to a lack of time, expertise or personnel.

As one of a small number of insurance brokers, GBH offers proactive support for your risk management. A specialised team (e.g. fire protection engineers and experienced industry specialists for inspections) help to protect your company from unforeseen risks and financial damage. Our comprehensive approach combines expert knowledge, innovative solutions and individual consulting to minimise your risks and maximise your opportunities. More about risk management…

Own terms and conditions

As an independent brokerage company (we are not affiliated with any particular insurance company), our goal is to always arrange the best insurance concepts for our customers. In many sectors, we achieve this by creating our own terms and conditions and wordings. Why go to such effort? It is not uncommon for insurers to be stuck within quite rigid systems with unattractive tariffs and services for one company or another. In contrast, the strength of our position on the market often enables us to negotiate better conditions for you.
Benefits for you: significantly better cover than in regular tariffs, fewer exclusions (so more services in the case of a claim), lower premiums, simpler claims settlement, understandable, more specific formulations than in standard terms and conditions, etc.

Consulting and support

Communication is essential for a good partnership. We view every assignment as a business relationship based on partnership. And this relationship needs to be actively fostered! As a result, we proactively offer our customers comprehensive consulting and support. This begins with a professional assessment of your individual risks, continues on to a clear explanation of the conditions of insurance, and culminates in highly motivated support for claims settlement. Not to mention, we naturally check your insurance cover regularly and adapt it wherever necessary.

myGBH customer portal

Intuitive, clear, everything taken care of in the blink of an eye: our digital customer portal offers you easy access to all of your contract, invoice and/or claims details. You can submit claims notifications faster than ever before. These are recorded and processed online and automatically forwarded to the relevant departments. You can directly access the processing status and finalised documents, policies or invoices via the portal at any time – securely, easily and quickly.
To the portal…

Expertise and objectivity

Our extensive expertise enables us to offer customised insurance concepts and our industry-specific cover. For outsiders, the various insurance products, regulations and conditions may seem like the proverbial rocket science. Our employees have undergone comprehensive training and can draw on sound knowledge of the insurance sector. We are always very well informed about current developments, products and tariffs. This allows us to give our customers the best possible insurance options. Speaking of which, as befits a leading insurance broker, we negotiate in the best interests of our customers, without exception. This means that we are independent of insurance companies and offer you completely objective advice that caters to your needs and requirements.

Customer orientation and service quality

We do well when you’re doing well. As a result, we always focus on your needs and requirements. This can be seen, for instance, in the fact that our customer advisors are excellent listeners. They have no desire to talk you into doing anything. Instead, we aim to offer you precisely the insurance cover that suits your individual circumstances and risks. And excellent customer service naturally also means being available personally. We respond quickly to queries, answer all your questions in a friendly, understandable manner and are happy to help solve problems.

Humanity and integrity

Alongside our experience and sound expert knowledge, we attach a great deal of importance in our daily work to a trusting relationship with our customers. This honest, transparent and personal approach is certainly one of the main reasons why GBH has been able to maintain many long-term business relationships.

Continuing professional development

Society, business and the insurance sector are subject to constant changes and further developments. It is important to constantly stay on the ball in terms of knowledge. We invest a great deal of time and effort in further training. This allows us to keep our expert knowledge up to date and our customers can be sure that they are getting the best advice and solutions.

Social responsibility

As a company, we see ourselves as part of society. We don’t just want to contribute to a good coexistence through material value creation. This is why we – from the management to the apprentices – are committed to social projects in a variety of ways. This begins with financial donations and sponsorship, continues on to participation in aid and social projects, and culminates in our own fundraising campaigns, such as our annual “Christmas wishing tree” for disadvantaged children.

Local ties

We operate 6 locations throughout Germany. This certainly ensures short routes – especially when settling claims. However, it is also how we demonstrate our ties to the regions in which and for whom we work. We understand the local mentality, we are aware of the advantages and needs of the respective business location.

Why does your company need risk management?

The importance of professional risk management should not be underestimated. The uncertainties of your everyday business life demand a proactive approach to risk management. Our team specialises in helping you to understand, assess and manage risks, so that you can concentrate on what’s important – your successful business. 

Here are just three of many reasons why you should pay attention to this topic today:

  • Protection against financial losses: Risk management helps to identify financial risks and develop strategies to minimise possible losses. This enables you to remain resilient, even in uncertain times.
  • Safeguarding of the company’s reputation: Proactive risk management helps companies to identify potential threats to their reputation at an early stage and take suitable measures to prevent negative impacts.
  • Optimisation of business decisions: Comprehensive risk management offers decision-makers valuable information to make sound, risk-conscious decisions that promote business success in the long term.


What is risk management?

The term ‘risk management’ describes the systematic process of identifying, analysing and controlling (legal, strategic and security-relevant) risks that can compromise the goals of a company. This includes assessing potential hazards, developing strategies to minimise risks, and continuously monitoring and adapting these strategies.


What does our risk engineering do?

As part of risk engineering, our experts inspect and manage industrial and commercial risks with the following goals:

  • Creation of risk documentation for communication with insurers (market placement)
  • Feedback on insurance-related fire protection, especially on the infringement of contractual obligations
  • Support by providing information on current market conditions and developments (proactive risk development)
  • Creation of protection concepts to improve risk and negotiate with non-life insurers 
  • Mediation between non-life insurers and customers with regard to insurance-related fire protection 
  • Improvement in insurability or the establishment of fundamental insurability
  • Reduction in operational risk with regard to fire damage and losses due to business interruptions through targeted protection concepts and measures
  • Consulting regarding new construction, alterations or purchases (with regard to requirements of the non-life insurer in terms of insurance-related fire protection)


Our service in the field of risk management


Risk assessment

Our experts analyse your business areas and identify potential risks. Based on a thorough risk assessment, we can develop customised strategies to best protect your company.

Insurance solutions

We identify customised insurance solutions that are specifically tailored to the relevant risks of your company. From business interruptions to liability insurance, we offer a wide range of policies to best protect your company.

Crisis management

Our team supports you in developing crisis management plans in order to be able to take effective action in an emergency. We help you to minimise damage and return to your normal business operations as quickly as possible.

Compliance consulting

Always stay up to date on legal requirements and regulations. Our experts offer comprehensive compliance consulting to ensure that your company meets all legal standards.